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Emirates NBD

Why choose Emirates NBD?

Emirates NBD is one of the largest and most reliable banks in the UAE. Founded in 2007 with a merger between the National Bank of Dubai and Emirates Bank International. Since its formation, Emirates NBD has grown rapidly with a strong presence across 10 countries. Emirates NBD was listed as the best bank numerous years in a row by Euromoney.

Emirates NBD SWIFT code

Branch Name
Branch Code
Branch Address
Swift Code
Beniyas Square Branch
Beniyas Square Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bander Taleb Branch
Bander Taleb Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Main Branch
Dubai Main Branch, United Arab Emirates
Galleria Branch
Galleria Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Bank
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Branch, United Arab Emirates
Al Maktoum Road Branch
Al Maktoum Road Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jebel Ali Branch
Jebel Ali Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Karama Branch
Karama Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Qiyadah Branch
Qiyadah Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Satwa Branch
Satwa Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Emirates NBD Securities
Emirates NBD Securities, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Al Souk Branch
Al Souk Branch, DUBAI
Group Head Office Trade Finance Services
Group Head Office, Trade Finance Service, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jumeirah Branch
Jumeirah Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where can I find my Emirates NBD swift code?

To locate your Emirates swift code. You can check the list above for guidance, alternatively you can visit the bank’s website or check your bank statement.

Emirates NBD bank accounts

Emirates NBD is known for offering quality services to their customers. Below are some of the benefits associated with opening an Emirates NBD bank account.

Types of Emirates NBD bank accounts

Current account

Emirates NBD have three options of current accounts customers can chose from. These are listed below:

Emirates NBD offer standard current accounts. These will not have any interest but allow easy access and management of funds. These accounts accept multiple foreign currencies.

Salaried Current Account: This type of account is primarily used for individuals receiving a salary. However, these employees must belong to the Emirates NBD payroll relationship. One of the perks to this account is that account holders can benefit from interest on their account. The accounts can also be opened in multiple currencies.

Call Deposit Account:  This is an account in which holders can park their funds with no restriction on transactions. This account also offers high interest rates.

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Savings account

Emirates NBD offers innovative solutions for savings accounts. Below are the some of the options savings  offered:

Standard Savings Account: The standard Emirates NBD savings account offers various features such as  online banking, in addition to offering international debit cards to holders. The interest rate for this account is 0.20% per annum.

Smart S@ver Account: The Smart S@ver account differs from the standard account in that it offers higher interest rates. The Smart S@ver Account offers up to 1.25% interest rates per annum, on any funds that are deposited in AED. Another key feature with this account is that it accepts foreign currencies. Interest rates vary for these funds, 0.75% for USD and 0.40% for GBP. Interest is calculated on a daily closing balance. And what's more, utility payments aren't counted as withdrawals.

Shake n’ Save Account: This innovative approach allows account holders to save a small amount of money instantly and at any time by just a shake of their phone. Bringing a fun aspect to the savings world. It offers an interest up to 0.75% per annum, but these rates vary depending on the balance of the account. Less than AED 10,0000 will receive interest rates of 0.75%. AED 10,000 to less than AED 100,0000 will experience 0.50% and anything AED 100,000 or above will be subject to just 0.25%. Funds are only accepted in AED.

Currency Passport Savings Account: This account is primarily for those who want to keep their wealth balanced across multiple currencies, but in the one account. This account offers attractive interest rates of 0.15%. Holders also have the option of paying bills from this account. Interest is credited every quarter.

Manchester United Savings Account - This is a really cool savings scheme conducted by Emirates NBD. The account has interest rates that go up every time your team scores a goal. This account offers holders a chance to meet the Manchester United team. Providing interest rate of roughly 0.50% per annum on savings (depending on the number of goals the team scores that month). But holders will also benefit from 10% discount on official merchandise and 20% discount on Museum & Stadium Tours at Old Trafford with their Man U Debit Card.

Tiered Savings Account: With this account the holder is encouraged to save more. The more savings that are in the account, the more interest the account holder can benefit. Holders can earn up to 0.50% of interest on a Tiered Savings Account.

Fitness Account: Another innovative savings account by Emirates NBD. This account is for individuals with an Apple Watch looking to improve their health. This account rewards holders with every step they take. Users can earn interest up to 2% per annum and also access fitness related rewards. Fitness Account customers will get benefit from free insurance cover of AED 100,000 provided by the leading global insurer MetLife, however this is subject to them clocking in a minimum level of activity daily.

Family Savings Account: This particular account was designed with UAE nationals in mind. The account providers each member with their own savings account and debit card. Savings pools can have up to ten members in them. Interest rates vary from 0.25% for pooled balances below AED 350,000; 0.50%, for balances between AED 350,000 to less than 1 million, and 0.75% for 1 million and above.

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Fixed Deposit Account

With fixed deposit accounts the holder can avail of higher returns. With Emirates NBD fixed deposit accounts, there are many options to choose from such as:

Flexi Deposit: This account allows holders to take advantage of high interest rates while still having the freedom of partial withdrawals. Multiple currencies are available including AED, USD, GBP, SAR, AUD, CAD.

Fixed Deposit: The Emirates NBD Fixed Deposit account offers its holders high return rates. However, there is a requirement on the individual to deposit at least AED 10,000.

FlexiSweep Deposit: This account is ideal for anyone who needs flexibility of their funds. This particular account only requires a deposit of AED 1 to set up with a minimum of 3 months savings.

RegulaReturns Deposit: With a RegulaReturns Deposit account, the account holder can choose the preferred interest payouts i.e. monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly interest payouts. Another strong feature with this account is that it is available in multiple currencies.

Steady Saver Deposit: This account is ideal for individuals who save on a regular basis and are interested in high returns. This is a simple deposit account that gives its account holders a chance to earn a high rate of interest month on month. There is a minimum deposit of AED 1,000 with interest rates compounding every 3 months.

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How to open an Emitrates NBD bank account in the UAE?

It's really simple to open an Emitrates NBD bank account. If you're interested in opening a bank account with Emitrates NBD all you have to do is follow one of the steps below:

Other services

Credit Cards

Emirates NBD currently offer many different types of credit cards for various rewards. Each of the cards falls into the category of benefit for either lifestyle, travel or rewards.

Rewards Cards
Emirates NBD U By Emaar Visa Infinite Credit Card
Emirates NBD Platinum Credit Card
ENBD - LuLu 247 Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
Emirates NBD Mastercard Titanium Credit Card
Emirates NBD U By Emaar Family Credit Card
Emirates NBD - Manchester United Credit Card

Travel Cards
Emirates NBD Skywards Infinite Credit Card
Emirates NBD Marriott Bonvoy World Credit Card
Emirates NBD dnata World Credit Card
Emirates Skywards Signature Credit Card

Lifestyle Cards
Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Credit Card
Emirates NBD - Go4it Gold Credit Card
Emirates NBD Diners Club Credit Card

To find the right card for you, simply click the link below and compare.

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