Mashreq Bank UAE

Why choose Mashreq?

Mashreq is the oldest banks and best performing banks in the UAE. Founded in 1967, Mashreq now has has a wide footprint throughout the UAE with a strong presence in the financial capitals of the world.

Not only was Mashreq the first bank in the UAE. It has a long history of firsts. Becoming the first bank to install ATM dispensers, the first bank to offer debit & credit cards, and the first bank to issue consumer loans in the UAE.

Mashreq bank SWIFT code

Branch Name
Branch Code
Branch Address
Swift Code
Head Office
Head Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
FI-Customer Services
FI-Customer Services, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Financial Institutions Division
Financial Institutions Division, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Foreign Trade Centre
Foreign Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Remittances Centre
Remittances Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Treasury and Investment Division
Treasury and Investment Division, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where can I find the Mashreq Bank swift code?

When looking for your Mashreq Bank swift code. If we haven't satisfied your need above, then you can visit the bank’s website or check your bank statement.

Mashreq bank accounts

Mashreq offers various banking products & services in the UAE including multiple account openings such as Current Account, Savings Account, and Fixed Deposit Accounts. All of which come with great features such as:

Types of Mashreq bank accounts

Current account

One of the most common accounts that Mashreq bank offers are its current accounts. With a Mashreq current account, the holder can manage their transactions easily with online or mobile banking. There are three types of current accounts with Mashreq, these are Current Account, Sweep Current Account, and Current Gold Accounts. You can compare these accounts on yallacompare to find the one that's right for you.

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Savings account

Mashreq allows account holders to earn interest on their savings with various savings and deposit accounts. Offering three types of accounts ranging from Basic Savings Account, Easy Saver, to Daily Bonus Account. What's great about these accounts is that with each of them, the more money saved in the account, the higher the interest earned. To find the right savings account for you, click the link below.

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Fixed Deposit Account

With fixed deposit accounts the holder can avail of higher returns. With Mashreq fixed deposit accounts, the goal is to get the holder to save for longer. As such, the longer you save the more interest you will receive. Mashreq offers three variations of fixed deposit accounts i.e. Fixed Deposit, Unfixed Deposit Account, and Step-Up Saver Account. Compare deposit accounts through the button below.

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How to open Mashreq bank account in the UAE?

It's really simple to open a Mashreq bank account. If you're interested in opening a bank account with Mashreq all you have to do is follow one of the steps below:

Other services

Credit Cards

Mashreq currently offer three types of credit cards, Mashreq Cashback Credit Card, Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card and Mashreq Solitaire Card. These cards have a range of benefits from entertainment to dining. If you're interested in taking out a Mashreq credit card then you can compare your options here.

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