Car insurance premium

Car Insurance Premium

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What is car insurance premium?

Car insurance premium is the amount you pay to your insurance company in return for insurance protection. The premium is then paid on a regular basis that is agreed upon with the insurer. Insurance is typically paid yearly but term length can vary depending on the drivers need. This premium can be paid in total upfront or broken into installments throughout the year.

Only when the premium is paid will the insurer provide the coverage listed in the insurance policy. If you are in an accident before the premium is paid then you are not covered. The premium amount is usually dependent on customer details like the drivers car make and model, the car year, drivers previously claims history etc. However, rates change for every insurer. For this reason, it is always best to compare rates from multiple insurers so that you can find the best one. At yallacompare, we do the comparison for you, simply input your details into our short two page form and we'll conjure up the best results for you to choose from. Compare car insurance quotes here.

How are car insurance premiums calculated?

How insurance companies calculate premium can often differ. There is many factors to consider when calculating insurance premium. Some companies may choose to include age in their deciding factors while others may not. However it may vary in general each insurer tries to calculate the premium on the driver's likelihood of making a claim. Below are some of the details that may effect your premium amount.

How to get a lower insurance premium

The easiest way to bring down the cost of your car insurance premium is to compare different insurers to find the cheapest car insurance for you. As different insurers have different ways of calculating premium, the only way to find the best option for you is to compare. At yallacompare, we compare more than 25 of the top insurers in the UAE to bring you the best premium.

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