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What is passenger cover on car insurance in the UAE?

Typically car insurance policies in the UAE provide cover in the case of any damages to your vehicle, or a third party vehicle, at your fault. In general your insurance policy will also cover any injuries to the insured driver and the driver of the other vehicle. But other passengers generally are not covered. This is where 'passenger cover' comes in. Passenger cover will offer compensation for all passengers if an accident occurs.

This feature will provide medical coverage for all other passengers in the vehicle. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the passenger cover will help to provide some assistance for any injuries caused.

See the below images, to check if your quote includes passenger cover when comparing policies on yallacompare.

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Benefits of passenger cover

If passenger cover is not included, then it will be the responsibility of the driver to protect the passengers. However, policies which include passenger cover, or opting to select passenger cover as an add on will have the following benefits:

What is NOT covered by UAE passenger cover?

How to claim passenger cover

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