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Third Party Car Insurance

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What is third party car insurance?

Third-party insurance is the most basic form of insurance in the market. It covers the cost of damages suffered to the third-party by the insured vehicle.

What does third party insurance cover?

Third party insurance is a much more limiting cover. The insured driver will not receive any protection for their vehicle in the event of an accident. They will also not receive any compensation for their own injuries suffered. Third party insurance provides cover to the driver of the other car in an incident where the insured driver is at fault. In this case third party insurance generally covers:

It is also important to check your policies third party damage limit when comparing your insurance quotes.

third party damage limit

What does third party insurance not cover?

The insured driver will not receive any protection for themselves or their vehicle. In the event of an accident, the driver will need to cover these costs on their own. Third party insurance also does not provide cover if:

Is third party insurance required by law?

Yes, third party is the minimum compulsory cover required by law in the UAE.

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