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Noor Takaful Islamic Insurance Company

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Who Are Noor Takaful Islamic Insurance Company?

The Noor Takaful brand contains two sister companies Noor Takaful Family & Noor Takaful General that provide a wide rage of insurance services. Noor Takaful was first established in 2009 and has quickly grown to become a main provider in the UAE market.

Noor Takaful has committed itself to being at the forefront of the Takaful sector in the Middle East. Its contemporary approach to Islamic insurance has seen it provide a series of innovative products and services for its customers, including Motor Takaful, Medical Takaful, Travel Takaful, Commercial Takaful and Personal Takaful supported by the GCC’s first e-Takaful service providing instant quotes and online payment facilities.Since our launch, we have made tangible progress in consolidating our scope and reach within the UAE market and have also successfully established the Noor Takaful brand, creating a solid foundation and platform for future growth with numerous industry leading awards and the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 certification.The Noor Takaful brand is built to provide the best quality of protection through modern, flexible, state-of-the-art channels and is backed by financially strong, ‘A’ rated re-Takaful partners.Noor Takaful is an IA licensed and registered insurance company; IA registration number for Noor Takaful Family is 078 and IA registration number for Noor Takaful General is 085.

What They Do

Noor Takaful Insurance Company are one of the leading providers of insurance in the UAE. They provide a series of innovative insurance products ranging from Motor Takaful, Medical Takaful, Travel Takaful, Commercial Takaful and Personal Takaful.

Why Choose Noor Takaful Insurance?

The team at Noor Takaful strives to offer the most innovative & ethical insurance solutions possible. Their core values ethics, passion, quality, agility & empathy are at the forefront of everything they do. They're also in-line with our core values of being fair & transparent, which is why we're proud to work alongside them.

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