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Oman Insurance Company

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Who Is Oman Insurance Company?

Oman Insurance Company (P.S.C.) is a renowned insurance company that is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Oman Insurance offers insurance solutions for both individuals and businesses in UAE, Oman and Turkey.

The company was first established in 1975 majority owned by Mashreq Bank and is currently one of the largest publicly listed insurers in the country.

What They Do

Oman Insurance provide insurance services for both individuals and businesses. Their services range from basic services like motor insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. However, they also offer services for more niche products such as jetski and yacht cover.

On a corporate level the provide services such as motor fleet, group health and commercial.

Why Choose Oman Insurance Company?

At Oman Insurance the team strive to always put the customer first and believe quality is never an accident, it must be a deliberate and consistent practice.

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